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Founded in 1986, Supercrane is a Western Australian owned and operated business creating superior cranes and lifting technology on global scale.

Over the past two decades, the company has grown to became a recognised industry leader, opening a second base of operations in Darwin, NT in 1999 and completing thousands of crane construction and lifting design projects for clients all over the world.

Recently, in a further expansion to the enterprise, Supercrane has partnered with the Active Group, who under the brand name SUPERCRANE ATLANTIS™ fabricate and distribute their product locally on the eastern seaboard.

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According to the dictionary the definition of a crane is "a large, tall machine used for moving heavy objects by suspending them from a projecting arm or beam" to some that is all a crane is but at Supercrane we see all the possibilities, with the philosophy of "design without limitations" and "quality without compromise".
Supplier of Choice - by designing and manufacturing reliable, safe, quality cranes and other lifting equipment on time and within budget which meet Australian / International Standards.

Safety First - by providing a safe working environment for our employees which includes training, the provision of quality equipment and adhering to safe work practices in-house and on site.

Customer Focused - by treating each client as an individual and providing a tailor made solution which ensures the best outcome for the client. Supercrane are committed to meeting and exceeding expectations.
Teamwork - by recognising that each employee plays a part in the success of the business and rewarding that expertise and knowledge. Understanding the importance of supporting apprenticeships. Providing a safe work place which promotes honesty in all dealings.

Community - we will respect the community in which we live and work. We are committed to supporting the community whether it be through employment, buying locally, donations or sponsorship.

Quality - we are proud to be a manufacturer and one of the reasons for our success is that we place a great emphasis on the quality of our supplies and products.


SuperCrane does not just build cranes. We commit to building the community through dedicated sponsorships, contributions and support.

We demonstrate our values in numerous ways, from training, apprenticeships, athletic sponsorships, transports and infrastructure projects.

SuperCrane has collaborations with organisations such as Anglicare, the Australian Defence Force College, the Beverley Sports Club, Communicare, Darling Range Sports College, Polytechnic West and the Rotary Club Ascot to name a few.


Providing comprehensive services to design, manufacture, install, test, commission and service cranes, hoists and winches, Supercrane is always interested in discussions with qualified applicants from all fields, in particular electrical, engineers and manufacturing trade professions.

If you are seeking a traineeships/apprenticeship and/or holiday work to gain industry experience, call Supercrane and we'll have someone speak with you directly.

Priding itself on employing a truly international staff, Supercrane consider all applicants and are willing to sponsor qualified overseas candidates. To gain futher information or to submit an expression of interest (with resume/CV and cover letter) please call us or email us directly

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